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So, it's happening. I'm quitting my job, moving out of my beautiful dc apartment, and saying goodbye to all my friends and family for a year. I'm gonna do it. I'm Ghana go ;)

Many who know me have joked for years that I would be moving to Africa at some point and their reaction to my trip announcement was more, "oh, finally," and less, "WHAT?! CRAZY!" Though, I did get a lot of the latter. My curiosity of the world and my passion for people have made it impossible for me to ignore the itch to pick-up and leave for a bit. Every growth experience I muddled through at JMU, every wonderful moment of my years in The District, and every ounce of love I've received from friends and family have fully equipped me with the enthusiasm and gumption I need for this adventure.

I am moving to a little rural town in Northern Ghana where I will be primarily living and volunteering at a small home for orphans and needy children called Horizons Children's Centre ( I am also hoping to help out with an HIV/AIDS prevention and advocacy organization called Step by Step Africa ( Once I'm out there, I will be looking for other opportunities to get involved with.

I'm getting very excited about my trip, but the reality that I am going by myself and living on whatever savings I can muster is starting to hit me with a big slap of anxiety! Here's where you come in. A few lovely friends have insisted I give them a way to support me, knowing that my non-profit job hasn't quite provided enough savings for a liveable year of volunteering. I feel so blessed to have such supportive and loving friends and family to be a part of this journey with me. Donations will not only go towards supporting my living expenses, but I am hoping to be able to bring some supplies for the children as well as donate some money to the centre as needed. If you would like to throw a few in my bucket, I would appreciate it and take a little of you with me :)

I haven't provided a whole lot of information about my trip here, but don't worry, I'm Ghana write, (hehe, puns are so pun)! Keep up with my prep and travel here:

Love you all more than you know,

Sandema Road --the path of trees that greets you into the town I'll be living in.

(photo credit: g-roots

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